Introducing Pear Align!

Clear Plastic Aligners starting at just $799!

We have made clear aligners affordable and available at our practice.

pear align is our own brand of clear plastic aligners that provide a great alternative to braces.  You may have heard of some other clear aligner brands like Invisalign and Smile Direct.  Our pear align aligners have several BIG advantages over these:

  • Our aligners start at just $799. These other brands can cost THOUSANDS more!
  • Unlike the mail order aligner programs, your treatment will be initiated and monitored by an Orthodontist who you will see on a regular basis.
  • Our aligners can be made in ONE DAY! Come in for a consultation in the morning, pick up your aligners that night!
  • We offer Same Day replacements for lost aligners

pear align also offers some BIG advantages over braces!

You can start your pear align journey by visiting any of our BrushFloss locations, or email us to schedule your consultation:

See if pear align is right for you!

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