Why Choose Us?

One Stop.  We provide orthodontic treatment on location at most practices as a convenience for families. All of your dental records are readily available on site, and nearly all of your dental health needs can be met in one place, so you can take care of everything in one visit.

No more GOOPY Impressions!  We are the only practice in the Metro West area with iTero 3-D imaging capability. Not only does this replace goopy impressions, it enables us to provide more accurate diagnoses to achieve quicker tooth movements. This imaging also has revealed airway and other issues that can’t be seen by the naked eye or with traditional X-ray technology, which has helped with the diagnosis of sleep apnea and other breathing conditions.

Technology.  We are the most technologically advanced orthodontics clinic in Metro-West.  Dr. Kenneth Webb is secretary of the Northeastern Society of Orthodontists and prides himself on being at the frontier of advancements in the field.  Our patients benefit greatly from that expertise!

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Treatment Options

Clear Aligners made on site.  A system of clear, plastic aligners gradually shifts teeth into their proper position throughout the treatment course.  Our aligners are affordable and create beautiful results!  We make your aligners on site in One Day, and unlike mail order services you have an Orthodontist monitoring and managing your treatment.  Learn more. (link to Aligners page)

Suresmile® an innovative treatment that features robotically-bent arch wires custom made for each patient. The precise bends in the arch wires are designed to address the tooth movement, so treatment can be completed an average of 30 percent faster!

Traditional Metal or Ceramic braces.
An orthodontic evaluation is required to determine the best treatment course for children and adults. Please call today if it is time to schedule your child for an initial orthodontic evaluation, or if you want to learn more about treatment for yourself.